The Secret Life of Billie Eilish/A Human Design Perspective

In the series “the Secret Life of” we explore people that stand out in today’s society, through a Human Design Perspective we explore the hypothetical “Secret” life of teen superstar and singer Billie Eilish.  Gates that are discussed are  Gates 11, 12, 46, 25, 19, 14, and the Left Angle Cross of Education as well as the 5/1 Profile.

The Energy of Emotion Episode 4/Emotional Wave 40/37

In the fourth episode of the Energy of Emotion I discuss the tribal wave 40/37 in Human Design as well as what the energy looks like when you have half of the channel or hanging gates 37 or 40.  In the next episode I will talk about the Channel 59/6 as well as the hanging gates 59 and 6. So stay tuned. 

Sample of General Human Design Readings

Sample of Human Design General Readings

What's A Human Design Type?

A brief description of all the Human Design types, including Manifestors, Projectors, Generators, Manifesting Generators and Reflectors.

Sample of Human Design Profile Series 5/1 Profile

All about the 5/1 profile for All Human Design Types.

How Reflectors Can Navigate Their Moon Cycle.

Here's a video to help Reflector Types Learn more about their Moon Cycle and how they can use it in their lives.