Welcome to Human Design with Denise Mathew

Welcome to Human Design with Denise Mathew

The Secret Life of Billie Eilish/A Human Design Perspective

In the series “the Secret Life of” we explore people that stand out in today’s society, through a Human Design Perspective we explore the hypothetical “Secret” life of teen superstar and singer Billie Eilish.  Gates that are discussed are  Gates 11, 12, 46, 25, 19, 14, and the Left Angle Cross of Education as well as the 5/1 Profile.


Welcome. First things first, I believe in taking a practical approach to all I do and that carries over to everything I offer in Human Design, because what's the point of getting a reading if you can't use it in your life? My intention is for people to see the value in Human Design and especially Self Knowledge. The snow flake symbol represents that just like snowflakes we are all individual and unique and that we are amazing alone but even more powerful together. 

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