Why Get a Human Design Reading?

Why Get a Human Design Reading?


Searching for Snowdrops

“According to legend, the snowdrop became the symbol of hope when Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden. When Eve was about to give up hope that the cold winters would ever end, an angel appeared and transformed some of the snowflakes into snowdrop flowers, proving that the winters do eventually give way to the spring.”

Now one doesn’t have to believe in the legend of the snowdrops to see the rich symbolism of the story, or that just like the seasons life shifts and changes on its own schedule. And even when things look their bleakest, there might be something beautiful and amazing buried away from our eyes, something that we have no idea exists until it pokes its head out and shows us. When we can’t see the “beauty beneath the snow”, it takes faith to know that soon all the bleakness and cold will give way to something else, something that we might never have envisioned for ourselves, a thing that is better, richer than anything we could have dreamed.

What the winter teaches us is that life lives and goes on living even if we can’t see it happening. It’s easier to find inspiration and excitement in our existence when things are going great, when the sun is warm and brilliant, when we are surrounded by vivid colors and hues, but when the canvass of life becomes stark and icy, can we hold on to the idea that good things are on their way? 

The answer can be yes. 

Think about this, if we did not have the cold and bleakness of winter, the sultry heat of summer wouldn’t be as invigorating, because when things stay the same we forget that there was anything other than what’s right in front of us. That first bite of ice cream always tastes the best, but if we continue eating that same ice cream day in and day out, it no longer tastes as sweet or delicious.

Could this time of seeming desolation be also a time to rest, rejuvenate and heal? To fine tune who we are, to discover a better version of ourselves?

When the world slows down we become more introspective and it is exactly at that very moment that we can uncover the inner beauty of who we are. 

Isn’t it when we stumble that life reveals our greatest lessons? 

When you learn to ride a bike you may skin your knees, but as soon as you have conquered it, the hurts don’t hurt as much anymore, and you are flying forward on your path, forgetting all the work it took to make it happen. 

So when life slows down and things feel stuck, it is a time for us to do “the work” of discovering what exactly we want in this life. There are no magical wands that we can swish in the air and suddenly everything we wanted showers down upon us, but there are tools that can help us discover our souls purpose, the meaning of it all. Some are better than others, no two are the same. 

But what if there was a system that described the truth of who you were? A tool that in one sweep of the universe could describe the core of your being. And how amazing would it be if you could show everyone that you love, an image of that inner you, so that they could truly “see you” for who you are?

HD Astrology is that tool. Derived from 6 Ancient Esoteric Sciences -Western Astrology, Eastern Astrology, Jewish Kabbalah, I-Ching, the Hindu Chakra System, and Quantum Physics, HD Astrology reveals your personality “crystal”, the inner truth of who you are, but not only that, it reveals who you can be, and the steps that you can take to reach your fullest potential. 

What if you could have it all, the relationships, the abundance, that thing that always feel so elusive, the one thing that everyone but you already seems to have? 

What HD Astrology tells us is that we are not here to suffer, we are here to live rich lives, to love, to dream, to manifest all that we want in this life. 

And what do we all really want?

The simplest answer to that question is this, to be understood, for people to “get us” for the world to see us for who we truly are, not who they perceive us to be. And when the covers are pulled away from our souls and we see how truly beautiful we are, we are like the snowdrops of the winter, the lotus flowers that push through the mud and darkness into the light, the ugly duckling that has become a swan. When we see, truly see our inner light, our brilliance and beauty, it’s impossible for everybody else not to see it too. When we love who we are, we are a beacon in the darkness, a vortex for all the good things in life that we deserve. Knowing who you are is truly a gift, one that continues giving over and again, because it completes you, opening you up to a reality that you never thought possible until suddenly, all the hopes and dreams that you had lodged deep inside of you show up in your reality and you are in the flow and abundance of a deeply fulfilled life.

I invite you to discover that beautiful inner you.

Bookings for Human Design Readings will be Available in Mid- September 2019


About Me.

In the past I have worn many hats and it’s made me who I am today. I blame my open G-Center and Gemini moon for my perpetual quest for knowledge that shows no signs of slowing down. 

For my credentials I hold a Science Degree in Psychology, was a Pediatric Registered Nurse for 11 years, taught English in Thailand, owned my own Jewelry Business, and have written and published over 8 books. I have been studying Human Design for 5 years, my mentor and teacher is Karen Curry Parker. I have also delved into Astrology for over 18 years. I’m also a mother of three sons, a wife, and a student of life.

I have tried my very best to stick to one thing but like I said already with my undefined “G” it’s impossible. Because I am multi-dimensional my website showcases all the things that make my heart sing. It truly is all about Body, Mind and Spirit. People who don’t know me might think I’m crazy doing so many things, but that’s just me, I love too many things to settle on just one. Thank you for being here. Please feel free to look around and also to contact me anytime you want. My door is always open to questions and comments, and of course smiles are always free too. :)